FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   January 19th, 2011

Adorable POP Displays Accentuate the Fun & Playful Nature of TME Products’ Personal Massagers, BzzzBuddies™!
     January 19, 2011 --- CHATSWORTH, Calif. --- TME Products is offering new BzzzBuddies™ POP displays to retailers at no charge. Each adorable POP display holds two BzzzBuddies™ personal massagers, emphasizing the fun and playful nature of the Anime inspired characters. The displays stand independently on counter tops or hang from a grid or slat wall. Recently declared a Top Ten Sex Toy of 2010 by Gawker Media’s, BzzzBuddies™ are a hot commodity. Zoey Glass, Sales for TME Products, says, “Word about BzzzBuddies™ is spreading rapidly with each new praise-filled write-up, and people are coming to stores specifically for the personal massagers. The POP displays allow retailers to position BzzzBuddies™ directly in front of customers, where they will quickly become the year’s hottest impulse buy.”

     To view a BzzzBuddies™ POP display, visit

     To order BzzzBuddies™ POP displays, contact your TME Products distributor at or (800) 748-6767.

     To meet all the cute BzzzBuddies™, visit

     BzzzBuddies™ are TME Products’ debut line of personal massagers. Completely unique forms of pleasure and stress reduction, the doe-eyed, Anime inspired BzzzBuddies™ come in four cute, collectible characters: Pandy, Paws, Frisky and Shivers. The sweet and loveable characters are combined with silent vibrating power. The result transports users to a perfect world, where pleasure and play interact to conquer pain and tension. Each BzzzBuddies™ is phthalate free and waterproof, so they can be used anywhere by anyone. Compact and fun, BzzzBuddies™ come with four interchangeable tips, and only requires a single AA battery.

     A “Best Buy” declares contributor Sailor Ripley in her Top Ten Sex Toys of 2010 column. She writes, “Like a Hello Kitty vibe on steroids, we found the Frisky to be super-fun…Easy to use, plastic and punchy, Frisky's interchangeable caps and straightforward mechanics made it one of our favorites for the year.”

     Much like the personal massagers, is an interactive experience. Visitors to the site can read the story about each loving animal, vote on their favorite character and download screen wallpaper. The site also spotlights the latest Bzzz Buddies news and purchasing information.

     Four additional BzzzBuddies™ characters will debut in 2011. Retailers and distributors will have their next chance to experience BzzzBuddies™ at the ExpoMark Adult Novelty Event February 21-23 in Miami, Florida. For more information, visit

     To follow the BzzzBuddies™ on popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, visit and

     TME Products are created to enrich everyday lives. Building its reputation on quality and innovation, TME Products strives to help provide a moment of calm in an increasingly busy world. Its inaugural line of BzzzBuddies™ captured worldwide attention with its adorable, relatable characters, brought to life by their unique stories and origin. Almost immediately upon release, the BzzzBuddies™ line of personal massagers began capturing the hearts and minds of its target audience, “the girl inside every woman.” All TME Products utilize high-quality materials, while implementing innovative designs and forward-thinking practices. For more information, visit
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